is recognized as a well-known name in the leather industry that manufactures premium quality leather jackets and other numerous outfits. If you ever visited their website then you may know that they also sell celebrity jackets, hoodies, and tees, etc. that’s why people love them but only a few people provided a true product review openly. Today I’m going to give a sincere and original review of their men’s distressed leather jacket which I got from them. I examined this jacket from each and every angle to determine the benefits, faults, and every pros and cons that I can share with my audience. Let’s take a look.

leather jacket men

Men's Distressed Leather Jacket

According to their size chart, I bought a Large size jacket that fits a little bit snug but seems good. I’m not sure if is their sizing issue or I’ve become fat. Overall matching the US size chart, a little different so it’s not a big issue. Though I feel comfortable and if you are used to wearing multiple layers under a leather jacket from then you’ve to go with 1 size bigger. I’d many jackets but their jacket’s leather is soft and supple than my other jackets that ensure they're devoted to their commitment to providing authentic jackets. 

Now comes to the jacket’s details about what features I like and hate. It’s my opinion many of you who own their jackets can disagree with me but I’m explaining only what I got. I love its distressed look, it’s not cheap as many manufacturer’s do, this distress is permanent and very authentic. The second thing that I like most is YKK zippers, they’re really high quality and flawless either central zipper or pockets all are working well. Quilted shoulders are great but quilted stripes on the arm are not as per my expectations. I also like the way of stitching and how well it’s made.

Now comes to the jacket’s interior portion, which is lined with viscose fabric that's soft but I think they should improve it more to make it more comfortable. Its interior pockets are no doubt bigger but should be more precisely stitched, better to stitched with zipping. As I ride frequently so I need closed pockets from inside too because I worry if I bent down for any reason then the objects in the pockets can come outside likely my smartphone.

If I conclude my experience, overall a good jacket and It's capable to compete with the big brands in quality. The good thing is the jacket’s price is reasonable if I do a comparison with other stores. A normal person can afford it easily and probably bought two jackets in one price of other brand’s jacket. This fjackets product shade may slightly vary but not too noticeable and also not seems bad. It’s exterior and interior material quality is acceptable and worthy of the price. Features are the same as displayed but slightly different somehow but it doesn't affect the quality. It’s all my experience with the jacket I bought, and I’m feeling better in it. I hope you’ve got the all necessary info that should necessary to know before the purchase.

This is an open and independent #fjacketsreview of their distressed style real #leatherjacket of men. Our aim is to provide the right information about #products to help others.


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