The story continues after the snap by Thanos!

The last movie was focused more on collecting the infinity stones and wiping off half of the population. And this half percent included some of our favorite characters, and they are gone – at least for now!

It is entirely up to our surviving heroes now to undo the snap.

They can’t do it without wearing new Quantum Suits. If you’re also looking to dress up like these heroes, then I've rounded up some of the coolest Avengers Endgame costumes for you.

Here’s how you can DIY your own cosplay to defeat the Purple Homer Simpson or to be like him.


Much like the antagonist, Captain America is incorporating the classic blue and red suit. He also brought back the classic shield since one of his Wakanda version was destroyed in Infinity War. Looks like he’s back to end this once and for all!

The main attraction of Captain America is his jacket. Now, I believe he is not wearing an actual jacket but what I have featured quality leather with finishing inspired by his new classic Endgame costume.

To DIY Captain America Costume, you need these items:


      Captain America Jacket 

      Captain America Quantum Jacket

      Quantum Hoodie


      Captain America Distressed Jacket

      Captain America Endgame Jacket

      Classic Shield  


      Captain America Wakanda Shield

      Brown Gloves




      You’ve already seen Carol Danver's new look so why not cosplay. If you’re new or not familiar with her style, I’ve rounded up items for you.

      Or if you’re not very much in a mood of DIY-ing her style, I also got her special cosplay suit that will save you some hassles. The designing is totally based on her appearance from the comics and all you need is to order it.

      Carol Danvers Captain Marvel Jacket


      Captain Marvel Wig


       Captain Marvel Boots


      Captain Marvel Costume Suit


          Tony Stark is also preparing to put on his helmet one more time and working together with Captain America. He won’t be wearing his camo style jacket but I'm going to add it anyway because it is a kind of urban wear every nerd needs to wear.

          It’ll be fun to DIY but if you’re a busy person, just go for the complete set instead. It’ll cost you a lot less, just select the right size. Channel your inner Robert Downey Jr with these geeky outfits from Avengers Endgame.

          Robert Downey Jr Camo Jacket

          Iron Man Quantum Realm Jacket

          Iron Man Top


            There is a theory that he will eventually defeat Thanos but we’ll just take it as a grain of salt. Last time we saw him was in a Quantum Realm while all his friends were dusted away outside.


            Antman Jacket 

            Antman Quantum Suit





              We finally got a look at Clint Barton, and he’s donning his alter Avengers Endgame costume. The aero-shooter has upgraded his style by wearing a hoodie over his ninja outfits. He was never shown in Infinity War but now, he’s back to avenge his family who was wiped away by the snap. His most awaited cosplay from comic books is finally here so let me show you how to DIY.

              New cosplay items:


              Hawkeye Quantum Realm Jacket


              Ronin Mask






              Old cosplay items:

              Clint Barton Cosplay Bow and Arrow Set

              Tactical Gloves

                BLACK WIDOW:

                The former member of the S.H.E.I.L.D survived the fading and looking forward to the final war against Thanos. If you want to make your own version of Black Widow, all you have to do is collect the following items, and you’ll be ready for the fight in no time.

                Orange Wig


                Black Widow Quantum Realm Jacket

                Black Widow Jacket



                Black Tights

                Black Gloves




                The Mighty Villain or The Mad Titan (as considered by many) is now resting somewhere - far from earth, I believe.

                He has done what no villain was able to do by sacrificing his love, collecting infinity stones and wiping off half of the universe.

                It’s insanely easy to create Thanos Costume and here’s what you need.


                Thanos Gauntlet

                Thanos Mask


                Thanos Vest

                Purple Bodysuit




                  star lord

                  Too bad, he was among several superheroes that faded away. In Infinity War, he and his cross-over team were close in snatching the Gauntlet from Thanos, but that didn’t work out quite well.

                  Here’s a complete rundown for his Endgame Costume.

                  Star-Lord Mask


                  Star-Lord Jacket


                  Yeah Baby Shirt


                  Star Lord GOTG Jacket






                    We didn’t see much of our beloved Hulk in Infinity War except for the first fight. After that, he was unwilling to come out in character. There is a theory that he faded away after the snap. To cosplay him, you need to have green skin but I managed to fix that problem for you.

                    Hulk Quantum Suit Jacket

                    Hulk Green Suit

                    Hulk Mask



                      The web-slinger is Far From Home but not in Venice, Italy. Similar to other people, he was also dusted away by the snap but keep in mind, Avengers movie will not complete without having him. I decided to add his Avengers Endgame Costume even if he does not show up.


                      Infinity War Cosplay Shirt

                      Iron Spider Jacket





                      Navy Blue Jeans 

                      Complete Costume 


                        Unlike other superheroes, Gamora was rather sacrificed by Mad Titan for the sake of a soul stone. If she somehow returns, it’ll be payback time for Thanos. It’ll felt weird if I don’t add her in our Avengers Endgame Costume guide as she was the main character in Infinity War and also making her return in the Guardian of the Galaxy sequel.

                        Gamora Wig  

                        Gamora Vest 

                        Gamora Green Body Suit 

                         Green Makeup


                          If you get a chance to visit a cosplay party during Halloween or Comic-Con, these Avengers Endgame Costumes will be a helpful guide for you. I'll add more characters before/after the movie release - keep posted!

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